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Hannes Reeh

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“It should be a passion, not a science,” is what Hannes always likes to say whenever he talks about wine. The vintner combines long-standing family tradition and true Burgenlander authenticity with New World wine expertise. The result of his work: approachable wines that win over amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

Hannes Reeh cultivates a vineyard of around 120 hectares. The grapes are gently and sustainably grown, and after being picked by hand are processed in the wine cellar, where various varieties age for months in oak barrels and where the optimal composition of his cuvées is meticulously worked out.

Gruber Röschitz


The power of three

Three generations, three siblings, three spirits united: Maria, Ewald and Christian have found common ground in the family-run business in the western part of the Weinviertel region: wine. Whether in the vineyard, the wine cellar or in sales,each sibling concentrates on what they love and know best at the Gruber Röschitz winery. Wonderfully spicy Grüner Veltliner, mineral Riesling and delicately balanced St. Laurent and Pinot Noir grow in the organically cultivated micro-cosmos in Röschitz, Lower Austria.

Granite, loess and clay soil as well as an airy and warm climate ensure unique freshness and minerality with 
fruitiness on the palate. The harmonious family atmosphere, combining traditional knowledge and new ideas, 
lends the wines a unique and harmonic character.


Salomon undhof-logo.png

SALOMON UNDHOF, one of Austria´s oldest privately owned wineries, excels with the country´s two leading dry wines: Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. The estate was founded in 1792 on vineyards the Capucine monks had tended for centuries. Very best terraces along the Danube have been passed down from generation to generation of Salomons. Today Bert-Michael and Fay-Marie represent the eighth generation of the Salomon wine-making Dynasty guided by their parents Bert and Gertrud.
They also manage and own Salomon Estate in Finniss River Australia.



The winery WEINRIEDER from the Austrian Weinviertel region produces wines with power & character and they are served in the best restaurants. They compliment food in an outstanding way and have great potential.
The international press counts WEINRIEDER to the best of Austria. With WEINRIEDER  wines you will have maximum drinking pleasure. The wines are of a breathtaking intensity: an unbelievable fruitiness paired with a racy, almost electric acid are characteristics of his style. 

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