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Chronicle Vineyards


Born in the heart of the Douro, we get excited when we speak of it, the beauty of the landscapes, the genuineness and friendliness of its people and the quality and uniqueness of its wines.

Niepoort Vinhos


We are an independent family business since 1842. Founded by Franciscus Marius Niepoort, the business passed successfully from one Niepoort to another working side by side during five generations. At this time, we are enthusiastically looking forward to the future sixth generation. Dirk has been at the helm of the company since the retirement of Eduard Rudolph Niepoort in 2005. Dirk's passion, respect for wines and terroir curiosity have defined the spirit of Niepoort over the past two decades.

Vina Calcada


In 1917, Cerqueira Lagos founds the Caves of Calçada with the construction of a cellar in the House. Casa da Calçada, moreover, had long produced wines, and had a terrain that proved it: that which is today the oldest vineyard in the region.

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