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Fusion with Edge Wines

June 2021

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Nordalco has fused with Edge Wines and acquired a handful of fantastic producers.


Our beautiful love story with Champagne began four generations ago in 1929. 

Our vineyard lies in the heart of the Marne Valley, the birthplace of champagne, 15km from Epernay, champagne’s capital city.

The village is atypical from several points of view, enjoying ideal exposure and sunshine, exceptional clay-limestone soil and a perfect microclimate to grow Pinot Meunier, our vineyard’s flagship grape variety.

Francis Oban was born in 1980 in the former “Coronation” city of Reims. With both his parents being Champagne growers, it was only natural that he took the ideal training path, studying oenology and viticulture.

On completing his course in 1999, Francis joined the family business to perfect his knowledge and contribute what he had learned during his studies.

In 2007, he decided to produce his own brand of Champagne, the fruit of his inherited family expertise and his own experience. The story continues…


A family-owned estate, two brothers in Cramant, Clément and Antoine, representatives of the 5th generation of winegrowers.

Before being the story of two brothers, Pertois-Lebrun is that of several generations of men and women winegrowers and champagne makers, who have been closely linked to the Côte des Blancs since the beginning of the 1900s. The story of Pertois-Lebrun Champagne really began in 1955 with our grandparents Paul Pertois, a winegrower in Cramant, and Françoise Lebrun, a winegrower in Mesnil-sur-Oger. They were the founders of our family winery.

Our 9.5-hectare vineyard are spread within Cramant, Le Mesnil-Sur-Oger, Chouilly, Oger and Oiry, the five villages classed as Grand Cru in the prestigious Côte des Blancs.

We use eco-responsible winegrowing techniques, giving priority to the life of the plant and the microbiological composition of our soils.

Our vineyard has been certified Haute Valeur Environnementale and Viticulture Durable en Champagne since 2019.


Four generations of our family have been striving to convey their love for wine and vine, by making champagne which is certain to perpetuate its name for a long time.

Our family estate is located in Bouzy, a delightful winegrowers' village located on the south slopes of the Mountain of Reims, between Reims and Epernay, the capital of Champagne.

The Bouzy terroir has been classified as a Grand Cru since 1895 - a token of its quality.

We are récoltants-manipulants. This is a classification for Champagne producers who only vinify, make and market champagne from their own grapes. It is recognisable by the RM mention on the label.

This classification, a sign of our independence, enables us to control every stage of the production, as well as the quality of our champagnes.

All of our estate is classified as a Grand Cru. We do not perform malolactic fermentation and we let our wines evolve in vats as naturally as possible.

Finally, our champagnes age in our natural cellars, carved out of the local chalk, for a minimum of three years - longer for vintage cuvées. 

All these efforts are rewarded by obtaining high quality champagnes, more crisp and more fruity, which age better and clearly express the typicity of their terroir.


The Bertrand family has been bound to the champagne business for several generations.

The village of Bagneux la Fossewas love at first sight for Paul-Marie: he acquired plots of land with the best of south and southwest exposures. He settled in the village in 1971, acquired wine presses and cellars and soon produced his first champagnes.

Bagneux la Fosse, which is part of the undulating landscape of the Côte des Bar, is surrounded by a large number of slopes widely exposed to the heat of the sun and is located on the Route of Champagne in the canton of Les Riceys.

The assemblages are of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the two regions of the Côte des Bar and the Marne Valley with flowers composing a bouquet of aromas. Three types of containers are used: stainless steel for maturating, enamel and oak barrels for ageing.

In 2006, Paul-Marie hands over the reins to one of his sons, Etienne, curious of the history of the Champagne winegrowing region and committed to promoting it. The family adventure continues…


Our family shares everything: the project, the wine and the emotion which spreads from tasting a Franciacorta together, savouring the result of our passion.

We are a family of farmers and wine growers, deeply attached to a land which gives us labour and joy every day.

In 1990 the Gatti family took over the management of four hectares of land and a real estate located in Erbusco, where they soon created a wine cellar. After the harvest of 1991 they presented their first two wines: a Terre di Franciacorta red wine and a white one.

Nowadays, we run 200 hectares of vineyards located in 11 municipalities of Franciacorta, conforming to organic farming principles, in order to exploit the resources of the different soils as fully as possible, to enhance the quality of our wines.

Our wine originates on the gentle hills of Franciacorta. It’s on these sunny slopes, located in the foothills of Alps that overlook the Lake Sebino, that our grapes grow and ripen, subjected to constant monitoring and care.


A banker and a barrister walked into a bar…

A lifelong enthusiast of all things fermented, Charles left a sensible job and took the plunge into the watering-hole of wine over a decade ago. In the winery he is Ambriel’s head winemaker, and a general factotum in the vineyard. As a side-line, he makes a lovely Sourdough using yeast from the vineyard’s Chardonnay grape skins (clone 96 to be precise!).

Wendy has swapped one sort of Bar for another, but retains her love of tucking into a case. Often found loitering hopefully in the winery, glass in hand, ready to do the hard work: sniff, sip, slurp, swoosh … but never spit.

Our family-run vineyards sit on sunny south-facing slopes overlooking the South Downs National Park in West Sussex. Our 9.5Ha (23 acres) of  vineyards in West Sussex are planted on rare Greensand – which we believe to be the terroir of choice in England. This sedimentary bedrock was formed about 113 to 126 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period when the area was covered by shallow seas. Our vines are the classic Sparkling varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier but we have chosen lower-yielding  clones for their superior fruit flavours.

Seksico Tacos!

August 2021

Our Chef friend Ali Toppinen of Seksico Tacos created a delicious recipe for Pasqua Mucchietto.

If you missed the recipe, you can find it here.


Welcome, Quinta de Aves!

January 2021

A new addition to our portfolio!

Quinta de Aves is one of the 7 wineries that compose Campo de Calatrava association. The association is working on obtaining the official DO for Campo de Calatrava due to the differential volcanic soils in this area. At Quinta de Aves all the work is done ecologically and as of 2022 the wines will be certified organic.

Logotipo Bodegas Quinta de Aves

Welcome, Clos Triguedina!

September 2020

A new addition to our portfolio!

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