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Nordalco Oy


Paavo Korpikuusi

Partner, Managing Director

Wines & Spirits

+358 400 565656

The sailing chef, a.k.a. PK6, a.k.a. “Uncle Grumpy”. Must be given oaky chardonnay at regular intervals.


Tom Alakari


Wines & Spirits

+358 40 544 1234

Has a lot of balls in the air, hustling for a better tomorrow.  When he’s not doing that, Tom is most likely at a Jimmy Buffet gig or somewhere sipping on a Negroni.


Joachim Kurtén


Alko & Duty Free

+358 40 515 0064

Mr. Curtain is mostly harmless. He enjoys the sea, and sea-related things. In his free time, he gets wines listed in Alko, works to develop our duty-free business, and even dabbles in HoReCa sails. Sales.


Juhani Majanen

Logistics & Marketing

+358 40 5123 759

Jack of all trades. Art Director, Graphic Designer, System Specialist, Senior Data & Analytics Expert, All Around Good Fellow. Take your pick. Don't pick your nose.

TONI 5-4-2023 MV_pieni.jpg

Toni Sievänen


+358 50 5944 274

Words about Toni coming soon.


Kata Pajula


Wines and Duty Free

+358 40 582 3787

Kata works tirelessly to laugh at everyone’s absolutely hilarious jokes. She is a seasoned wine veteran who mainly deals with Alko, but can also be seen cutting deals with restaurateurs in select bistros in the Helsinki metropolitan area. 

Jani Hiltunen



+358 45 1362 711

Big J, former bartender, brings some 30 years of HoReCa experience  to the Nordalco team. He enjoys spending time in the Finnish wilderness, loves music and believes in the good of humankind. What a terrible person.

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